Hyrule Warrors receiving additional free and paid DLC packs

Nintendo has confirmed both free and paid DLC packs will be available that offers new characters, maps, weapons and game modes.


Hyrule Warriors is just a little over a week away from being released on the Nintendo Wii U, and today, Nintendo has announced the title will receive multiple DLC packs in the coming months.

Hyrule Warriors will offer three new characters for free along with its version 1.3 update, which will become available on September 30 in Japan and October 16 in Europe. Sorry, North America. Nintendo has yet to confirm when exactly we’ll be getting our new characters and update as of this writing. The three new characters will increase the amount of evil characters you can play as Cia, Volga and Wizzro.

After the free DLC pack becomes available, four additional paid DLC packs will become available in the coming months. Players will be able to purchase all four packs for a discounted price, and those who pre-order will gain access to the exclusive Dark Link costume. The packs will include not only new characters, but costumes, maps, weapons and game modes.

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