Chivalry: Medieval Warfare catapulting onto Xbox 360 and PS3 this year

The PC multiplayer melee romp known as Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is now coming to consoles, courtesy of Activision.


Torn Banner Studios has been engaging in honorable combat for about a year, but now they're about to take their armor-clad battles onto the console space. Publisher Activision has reached out to the studio and will work in conjunction with Mercenary Technology to bring Chivalry: Medieval Warfare to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as a downloadable game later this year.

Chivalry on Xbox 360 and PS3 will retain the first-person melee combat that made the PC game such an underrated hit. Yes, that includes all the maiming and dismembering that comes from slicing someone's arm with your sword or piercing an opponent's skull with a well-placed arrow. Death will come at the hands of one of the game's four classes: Knight, Vanguard, Man-at-Arms, and Archer. Each of the classes will wield weaponry authentic to the medieval period, meaning no pesky firearms.

No word on whether the game's Deadliest Warrior expansion will see the light of day for consoles, but this is a good enough starting point for those that haven't discovered the game's artful melee combat. For a refresher on Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, check out the trailer below.

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