Destiny Guide: Every gold chest location

Looking for all the Gold Chests in Destiny? Here’s an easy way to find all 20 across Earth, the Moon, Venus, and Mars.


In a massive sci-fi filled open world, Destiny has a lot to offer, and a lot to hide. If you don’t know about them yet, there are 20 Gold chests with some cool gear and items for you to pick up scattered throughout the world on each planet. There are 5 chests on each planet, and today we’re going to quickly tell you how to easily find them all.


1: The Steppes to Dock 13
It’s pretty hard to miss this chest, as you can easily find it in the story mission, Restoration. Shortly after landing, look to your right and enter the building via the stairwell. The Gold chest will be situated in the next room on top of a desk. Now that you’ve found the easiest chest ever, let’s move on to some harder ones.

2: The Forgotten Shore
The next chest can be picked up just below the Terrestrial Complex at the base of the Forgotten Shore cliff. If you’re in patrol mode, and just exploring you can find this chest shortly after finding the first. Follow the river to the west and stick to the coastline until you find it sitting upon the rocks.

3: Forgotten shore to the Mothyards

To find this chest you’ll need to take the path that connects the Forgotten Shore to the Mothyards. As you’re following it, look for a cave with some water falling in front of it on the right (if coming from Forgotten Shore). You’ll find the chest nestled inside.

4: The Lunar Complex

The fourth chest on earth is located in the same area where you battled the Hive Wizard during the mission, The Dark Within. Jump onto one of the stacks of crates that are to the left and search behind the environment above the room where a Captain should have been stationed. It should be easy to spot.

The Moon

1: Temple of Crota

The first Gold chest is located by entering the temple and dropping all the way down to the lowest floor. Take the room that is on your right, follow the path into the Hive Temple, and cross the bridge into the ship. Now turn right, taking the ramp down, then immediately look down to the right where the ramp connects with the side path. The chest should be situated on a small platform below.

2: Archer’s Line to Hellmouth

The next chest is found as you make your way from Archer’s Line to Hellmouth. You’ll need to locate a rock formation on the left side prior to crossing over the bridge, once you find it circle around to the backside to locate the chest.

3: Archer’s Line to Hall of Wisdom

The third chest can be found by climbing the hill across from your starting point. Make your way through the broken dome, and take the road down into the Hive Fortress. Snag this chest by jumping down the spiral ramp and spotting it in the water by the right of the Hall of Wisdom’s entrance.

4: The World’s Grave

You can find this Gold Chest while completing the mission, The World’s Grave. Once you reach the final room, drop into the water and look for the chest along the jagged rock wall. It can be a little hard to spot while fighting enemies, so keep a careful look out for it.

5: The Summoning Pit

The fifth and final chest on the Moon can be found by taking place in the Moon Strike. Make your way to the lower platform to find the chest sitting between two staircases.


1: Shattered Coast to Ishtar Academy

The first Venus chest is located by dropping through a hole in the Shattered Coast. Follow the tunnel toward the Ishtar Academt until you come to a bend. Turn back and look the way you just came to find the chest resting beside a support pillar.

2: Campus 9

This chest is found not long after entering Campus 9 from the Walking Ruins. Look for a building that rests next to a waterfall, then head to the other side of it to find the chest.

3: N/Gen Branch

The third chest is found after entering the N/Gen Branch from the Ishtar Commons. Head to your right and move into a small building with cubicles to search them and locate the chest.

4: Winter’s Lair

Follow the trail around the outside of the large cave until you come to an overlook. Make your way out along the very narrow pole and then jump to the ledge on your right to open the chest.

5: The Cinders

The final chest on Venus can be found by fighting your way onto the ketch while in the Cinders mission. At the far end drop down onto a lower ledge where the chest will sit in plain sight.


1: The Barrens

Go to Cabal outpost near the Scablands. This area is reached from the Barren landing zone. Once you arrive at the outpost you can find the gold chest sitting on some crates.

2: Barrens to Hollows

Start traveling from the Barrens to the Hollows via a tunnel. Look for an opening just before you reach the downtown area, and then jump into the hole where you should find the chest on your right.

3: Dust Palace

The third Mars chest can be found during the Dust Palace Strike, inside of Dust Palace, near the first door that you open. Look for a door with the number three written on it, and behind the desk inside you’ll find the chest.

4: Iron Line – Legion’s Keep

To find the fourth chest you’ll need to be inside of the Iron Line, at the gate that takes you to Legion’s Keep. Now make your way along the left walkway, jumping onto some pipes in the corner. From there, twist around and leap up to another doorway on the left and follow this path to find the chest.

5: Tharsis Junction

The final Gold chest of the game can be found in the subway at Tharsis Junction. Look for a Vex gate in the corner behind the train. Now locate a small room, go inside and through the fence in the far corner. Once you reach a path simply follow it to find the final chest.

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