League of Legends gets new Ascension mode

It's time for a five-on-five battle for a race to 200 points in Riot Games' addictive online game.


League of Legends fans, prepare to get addicted all over again, as Riot Games has introduced yet another new mode to the game.

In Ascension, players will be able to compete in two teams of five-on-five, in the hopes of getting to 200 points first. The game takes place on an enclosed map, and has players pursuing the Golden Transcendence, a trinket that transports them to the fighting arena.

Furthermore, anyone who takes out Ancient Ascendant Xerath while fighting on the map can be given several bonuses as a result, including extra health and infinite mana, as well as cooldown reduction and armor and magic penetration.

However, keep in mind that the enemy will always have sight of the ascended one, and the other team's healing and regeneration effects will be cut in half as a result,

The mode should be available now, the next time you play in the game.

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