Destiny Tower amazingly recreated in Minecraft

The Destiny Tower has been accurately recreated in the Xbox version of Minecraft. Now all we need are Guardian skins!


Minecraft was recently released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which means many last-gen fans of the title are now able to play it on their current-gen console of choice. Best of all, last-gen content can be transferred to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Minecraft. With Destiny’s upcoming release, we’re not at all surprised to see someone has recreated some sort of Destiny content for Minecraft.

The Minecraft Destiny Tower is a pretty good recreation of Destiny’s Tower, which is the location where all Guardians can go to purchase new gear, socialize and dance the night away. After spending countless hours on the alpha and beta versions of Destiny, I can tell you this Minecraft recreation is quite accurate.

What makes this creation even more impressive is the fact that it was created with the Xbox version of Minecraft. That means it took a lot more patience to put this recreation together than it would have with the PC version. Unfortunately, that means its creator doesn’t have a link on how to share this map, although if you know how to do so, we encourage you to contact him so we can all enjoy the Minecraft Tower when we’re not spending as much time as possible within the actual Tower in Destiny.

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