PlayStation-exclusive Destiny 'Dust Palace Strike' takes our butts to Mars

Get two of your favorite Guardians together to take on this PlayStation-exclusive Strike mission on Mars.


Sony has been releasing videos highlighting what will be available exclusively on the PlayStation platform. Just yesterday, we caught a glimpse of the PlayStation-exclusive Exodus Blue map that is available as a Crucible PvP map that’s unlocked at level 5. PlayStation owners will also be able to take part in an exclusive Strike mission, called Dust Palace, which just so happens to be the highlight of today’s video.

The Dust Palace Strike will allow players to team up with two other Guardians for extended missions that have much greater rewards than typical missions in Destiny. Dust Palace takes place on Mars and will be available to access at level 18. You’ll fight against the Cabal who are digging into the ancient city of Freehold searching for something that will make them a more powerful adversary.

Dust Palace will have a variety of enemies to battle, such as the Legionairy, Centurions and Phalanx. Each new enemy will be more challenging than the last, requiring Guardians to hone their skills before attempting to take them down. Thankfully, the video below offers some tips on how best to dispose of these enemies.

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