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Minecraft 1.8 Bountiful update releasing on PC today

Minecraft has a rather large update rolling out today that adds underwater content, new blocks and more.


Whenever Minecraft has a major update, we close our window shades, lock all of our doors and turn off our cellphones as we know we're about to spend a ton of time with the game to explore all of the changes and improvements. It looks like we will become hermits once again as a "bountiful" update is releasing in Minecraft today.

In the Minecraft 1.8 Bountiful update, Herobrine has once again been removed from the game, although players can expect the addition of a new slime block, new dirt and stone to take your trusty pickaxe to and killing a sheep will reward players with a collectible mutton. Additional underwater content has also been added as players will now have access to the Ocean Monument, Prismarine and Sea Lantern blocks and Guardian and Ender Guardian enemies.

New game modes are also being introduced in this update as an all-new spectator mode is now available giving players the opportunity to watch others play Minecraft at their own leisure. A new "customized" world type is also included in today's update. If those aren't enough changes for you, the official changelog notes there are "lots and lots of other changes." For the full details on what has been tweaked in the Bountiful update, head on over to the Minecraft 1.8 changelog.

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