PlayStation Network affected by sign-in issues again

It just isn't Sony's week when it comes to keeping an up-and-running network.


For the second time this week, Sony's PlayStation Network servers appear to be down for the count.

Following a brutal DDoS attack that took the servers down over the weekend, Sony's PlayStation Twitter account posted yet another issue that's affecting connectivity today. Not a good time for it, especially considering that Madden NFL 15 is available and people want to get their online football on.

"Network update: engineers are aware of connectivity issues, are working to resolve. We'll keep you posted – apologies for any inconvenience," reads the update.

No word yet on when the service will be updated, but here's hoping it's in time for the company's weekly store update, which should happen later today. Note the word "should."

UPDATE: Fortunately, it does look like progress is being made, as Sony has posted, "Network connectivity is being restored. Thanks for your patience." No word yet on a time frame.

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