Fruit Ninja Kinect 2, Goat Simulator, Smite and the Escapist confirmed for Xbox One

Feel like slicing some fruit? Or maybe driving a goat to madness?


During today's Xbox One conference in Cologne, Germany, Microsoft confirmed a number of titles coming to the console through the Xbox@ID program, including a number of highly anticipated games like Cuphead and a special version of the hit mobile games Threes and Plague Inc. However, two certain titles managed to stand out being confirmed for the system.

The first is Goat Simulator, which has found a great deal of success on the PC front. In this game, you'll guide a goat through a series of misadventures, including some jet-pack flying. No word yet on a release date, but 2015 seems more than likely.

The second is a game that supports the Kinect, Fruit Ninja Kinect 2. The sequel to the hit Xbox 360 port promises even more fruit to slice, along with various modes and, of course, more of those stupid bombs. Damn bombs. It should be coming in 2015 as well.    

The KickStarter darling Superhot will be coming as well, an innovative first-person shooter with funky visuals and plenty of innovative gameplay quirks. It should come in 2015 as well. Also announced are the PC action game Smite (which is gathering quite a following on the PC front) and Team 17's latest effort, the innovative The Escapist. These games will make their console debut on Xbox One first and should have a 2015 release.

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