Shack Reels: Mortal Kombat's Raiden through the years

This week's Shack Reels looks at the progression of Raiden over the past two decades.


Scorpion and Sub-Zero are clearly among the two most recognized characters in the Mortal Kombat world. But there's another constant staple in Netherrealm's long-running fighting game and that's the God of Thunder, Raiden. Not only is he at the center of the main struggle between Earth and the forces of Outworld, but he's also a whole lot of fun to play with.

Of course, like everybody's two favorite ninjas, Raiden has undergone a significant evolution over the past two decades. This week's Shack Reels is offering a peek at how Raiden's character model has progressed over the last 20 years of Mortal Kombat games, starting with his first appearance and his culminating with his most recent Mortal Kombat X trailer.

Mortal Kombat X will release in 2015.

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