Cyber Gadget introduces fighting peripheral for Nintendo 3DS

Want to fight like a pro in Super Smash Bros.? Here's your chance.


With Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. less than two months away from release, fighting fans are already getting ancey for the multiplayer brawler. However, there are some skirmishes where a circle pad just can't get the job done for you.

That's where Cyber Gadget comes in. This company has introduced a new add-on peripheral for the 3DS that will essentially turn it into a mini-fighting cabinet. The device clips together on both sides of the system, with an arcade style stick sitting atop the D-pad on the left side and buttons on the right hand side. Sure, you won't be able to fold up your 3DS with these attached, but, man, will you be able to fight.

The peripheral is slated for a release this October for 3,000 (or the equivalent of $30). There's no word yet on whether Cyber Gadget will release it domestically, but it appears to be very import friendly. Plus, it'll work with your cherished copy of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Huzzah!

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