Thunder Blade flying to the 3DS in Japan with 3D visuals

Could a U.S. release be far behind?


Sega's first wave of remade 3D classics for the 3DS were well received, featuring such titles as Sonic the Hedgehog, Galaxy Force II and Streets of Rage. However, while U.S. players wait for the next round to commence, Japanese gamers are already getting their hands on a number of new favorites, including After Burner. Now, one more has joined the bunch.

Sega of Japan has announced that the 1987 arcade classic Thunder Blade will make its way to the 3DS on August 20th, complete with all the high-flying action from the original release, along with enhanced 3D visuals that take advantage of the system's set-up. And, judging by what you see in the video below, it'll use this effect quite well.

There's no word if Sega of America will follow suit, but we can only cross our fingers and hope. We'd certainly play it a lot more than Altered Beast…

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