The Sims 4 gets weirder with humorous new trailer

Stay weirder, my friends.


Electronic Arts has released a new trailer for The Sims 4, one that seemingly makes fun of the Dos Equis ads that features the most interesting man in the world. This time around, though, the focus is on the least most interesting sim in the world.

No, really, this guy's boring. He goes to bed on New Year's Eve at midnight. He tries to do something, fails, and then gives up. And he fails to interact with his Sim girlfriend in any sort of interesting fashion. Plus, is that beard a little flat, or is it just us?

Of course, you don't have to play as the least interesting Sim in the world, as the game will provide plenty of options to liven up your Sim life so you're not like this guy. But it's your call, so make pancakes whenever you want.

The Sims 4 will release on September 2nd for PC/Mac. Be smart, stay weird.

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