Crew Mode returning to NBA 2K15, for Xbox 360 and PS3

No word yet if the popular mode will debut for Xbox One and PS4 yet.


Years ago, the NBA 2K series thrived with the inclusion of a Crew Mode, in which players could create custom jerseys and take on squads with up to five of their fellow online players (or online fill-ins). The mode has been missing for a few years now, but, yesterday, 2K Sports confirmed it's coming back…at least, for some versions of the game.

During its Twitch livestream yesterday, 2K Sports confirmed the return of the mode for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, complete with leaderboard support and the ability to play on either NBA courts in 5-on-5 fashion, or with 3-on-3 street ball on the blacktops. It's a mode that a lot of fans will be happy to see back in action.

Unfortunately, there's no word on whether the mode will make its way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which is a curious omission. Last year's release of NBA 2K13 was missing some content from other versions of the game as well, in favor of more realistic visuals and tighter gameplay. Could it be that this year's versions are taking a similar route? We'll find out in the weeks ahead.

NBA 2K15 will drop on October 4th.

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