Hyrule Warriors lets you play as Ganondorf

Hyrule Warriors has added another playable character to the roster: the villain Ganondorf. 


Hyrule Warriors is shaping up to be a who's who of the Zelda franchise, with characters across its entire history making appearances alongside newly created ones. It seems only natural that series antagonist Ganondorf would make an appearance as well, and Nintendo has now announced him as a playable character.

During last night's Nintendo Direct presentation, the company announced Ganon along with some new details. An Adventure Mode imitates the original Legend of Zelda by completing a grid of challenges modeled after the original Legend of Zelda. As you unlock regions you'll gain new characters and weapons. Among those weapons is the Chain Chomp, along with more standard choices like Magic Rod and a Spear. 

Also, Club Nintendo members who register Hyrule Warriors within four weeks will get an alternate set of Ganondorf costumes. Other characters will have alternate costumes offered as retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses. You can check out the Ganondorf trailer below.

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