Ten Mega Man soundtracks re-releases coming from Sumthing Else Music Works

The Capcom tunes live on in a lucrative new digital collection.


When you were a younger person playing games on the NES, you could probably sense something magical with the Mega Man games, mainly due to their soundtracks. Tell me you didn't feel a tingle when hearing Crash Man's awesome soundtrack for the first time. Yeah, it's great to have that in mind. And now Sumthing Else Music Works wants you to enjoy this compilation anywhere you go.

The company has recently begun releasing part of a 10-volume collection through its website, with a compilation of tunes from the Blue Bomber's game collection. You can order them through the site above, or pick them up through iTunes, Amazon and other music distributors.

Each volume goes for $9.99 apiece, and the first four are available now, with the other six set to follow in the weeks ahead. Dibs on the Mega Man 2 collection!

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