SDCC 14: The Xbox One Wireless Controller: Artist Collection

Among the sights available at this year's San Diego Comic Con was the traveling Xbox One Wireless Controller: Artist Collection, making its latest public appearance.


The Xbox One Wireless Controller: Artist Collection first made its debut at last year's PAX Prime. Since then, the collection of customized controllers has migrated to this year's San Diego Comic Con, where spectators were able to see some expressive designs from contemporary artists.

These were among the controllers on display at this year's Comic Con. They're sadly not available for purchase, but they're quite a sight for anyone that was unable to make the trip to PAX Prime last year or to San Diego Comic Con this year.

Guided Spirits

This light blue shell sees a pair of wolves feeding on nearby yellow canaries to sustain themselves. The canaries live on as spirits, ensuring that the circle of life continues on.

Primordial Controller by Justin Hillgrove

It could easily be mistaken as something inspired by 2K's Evolve. However, artist Justin Hillgrove's unique design utilizes a modeling resin called "Magic Sculpt," creating a rock-like effect that gives this controller a stony texture. The controller's red highlights make it positively molten and one of the exhibit's cooler designs.

Hidden Circuitry by Jake Hollomon

Hollomon carefully crafts an x-ray visual effect, solely using an oil paint pen atop a blue acrylic base. The result is the illusion of the inside of an Xbox controller, showing what makes the Xbox One's latest gamepad tick.

Hella Connected by Jay Taylor

This design is part of Taylor's ongoing series of drawings. Placed atop an acrylic base, the controller shows dozens of character drawings all hanging out together. Taylor looks at is as a reminder that we should stay physically connected with our friends and go beyond our internet connections.

Beast of the Enemy/Pronghorn by Maryanna Hoggatt

Hoggatt's design is based on the internal struggle of the mind and the battles that take place in our heads. This acrylic design is based on a series called 'Animal Battle' and features a drawing of a beast based on a Proghorn, an antelope-like creature with strong antlers.

Battle Snakes by Lord Blakely

Dueling snakes is the theme of this white acrylic design. Blakely features the image of two rising snakes, as they begin to evolve into dangerous beasts. He leaves the interpretation of what happens next solely to the observer.

Fantasy and Reality by Upendo Taylor

Taylor uses a mix of spray paint over an acrylic surface to fill the controller shell with unique type and characters. Standout qualities like the line placement and the giant text is all based on the old Parliament track "Fantasy and Reality," which Taylor says helps sync the design with gaming culture as a whole.

While these controller designs are not available for purchase, this likely won't be the last time they'll be seen in the wild. Keep an eye out for events like the upcoming PAX Prime for a possible chance to check out these one-of-a-kind designs in person.

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