Destiny pre-orders offer early Vanguard Armory access

Destiny players that need some heavier weaponry may be able to get assistance from the Vanguard armory, should they decide to pre-order the game prior to its September 9 release.


Those that have been playing through the Destiny alpha and beta know that the biggest guns will be what gets explorers through the day. Nobody provides those heavy arms quite like the Vanguard. The Vanguard have some pretty big guns and players that pre-order Bungie's upcoming shooter will be able to get first access to them.

Pre-orders will grant early access to the Vanguard armory, where players can arm themselves with massive weaponry like the Singularity S.3 scout rifle and the 13098V Incognito sniper rifle. They can also pick up customizable gear to help differentiate your player and say to others, "Look at me! I pre-ordered!" before they proceed to blast you with their own ginormous rifle.

For more on the Vanguard Armory pre-order bonus, check out the video below. Destiny arrives on Sony and Microsoft consoles on September 9.

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