PSA: All Hearthstone Naxx cards revealed

Blizzard has posted all of the upcoming cards, so check out the full line-up and start planning your strategies.


Hearthstone's "Curse of Naxxramas" expansion starts rolling out tomorrow. Just in case you can't wait to start planning your strategies and pining after rare cards, though, Blizzard has revealed all of the cards today for your viewing pleasure.

You can browse all of them on Hearthstone's Facebook page, from the class-based specialty cards to the destined-to-be-nerfed Kel'Thuzad. Some are clearly overpowered with some negative effect to the player, while others like Stalagg, Feugen, and Thaddius are meant to work together. We know you'll be able to obtain these cards through normal Naxx play, but more than a few are Legendary and should be pretty difficult to get your hands on. Check them out and plan your strategies early.

As previously reported, the first wing is called "The Arachnid Quarter," and it will be available for free during the launch period starting tomorrow. The others will cost 700 gold or $6.99 apiece, or $20 for a bundle of the four remaining after Arachnid. If you miss out on the launch period and have to buy all five, it will be available in a bundle for $25. Check out some more thoughts on how the expansion is going to impact the game balance.

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