Weekend PC download deals: QuakeCon 2014 Edition

The full list of PC digital gaming deals for the weekend of July 18, 2014.


It's a big weekend for PC gamers, with Dota 2's International unfolding this weekend and QuakeCon covering everyone's Doom and Quake needs. So with all that in mind, there are some good PC game deals to look out for, as the summer months roll on.

Many major digital retailers are offering deals on Bethesda's library, including Steam offering Wolfenstein: The New Order for half-off and also debuting The Elder Scrolls Online on their storefront with another half-price deal. Meanwhile, Green Man Gaming is offering great zombie games, the Humble Store is offering Ubisoft games, and GameStop has Titanfall for half-off! Check out the full list of deals below!

Here's our selection of this weekend's PC deals:


Bundle Stars

Pay $9.99 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and its DLC packs, Euro Truck Simulator, Bus Driver, Scania Truck Driving Simulator, and Trucks & Trailers. All activate on Steam.

Or pay $3.99 for Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut, No Time To Explain, iBomber Attack, Deponia, Skyward Collapse Complete, Ignite, Clones, LightFish, Crystals of Time, Litil Divil, Fortix, The 39 Steps, //N.P.P.D. RUSH// - The milk of Ultraviolet, and Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection. All activate on Steam.

Or Pay $4.99 for Magicka and all of its DLC. All activate on Steam.

GameFly Digital

Use the code JUL20OFF to get 20% off purchases over $9.99. If you're across the pond, use UKMAY20OFF.


  • Dead Island Franchise Pack [Steam] - $8.50 (66% off) (Other Dead Island games also on sale here.)
  • Europa Universalis IV - $10.00 (75% off) (Other Europa Universalis IV content also on sale here.)
  • Cities in Motion 1 and 2 Collection [Steam] - $21.25 (75% off) (Other Cities in Motion content also on sale here.)


Get Games


Green Man Gaming

Use the code P36EYA-K5JYKT-ABO7X9 to get 20% off select products.

  • State of Decay Pack (base game + Breakdown DLC) [Steam] - $8.63 (68% off)
  • How to Survive [Steam] - $7.49 (50% off)
  • Half-Life Complete - $9.99 (75% off)
  • Other games featured in Green Man Gaming's Zombie Feastival, including Left 4 Dead and other Half-Life games, can be found here.
  • Killing Floor [Steam] - $4.99 (75% off) (Other Killing Floor content also on sale here.)
  • Brink [Steam] - $14.99 (25% off)
  • Quake 4 [Steam] - $14.99 (25% off)
  • Other games in Green Man Gaming's Bethesda sale are also available here.
  • XCOM: Enemy Within [Steam] - $14.99 (50% off) (Other XCOM series DLC is also on sale here.)
  • BioShock DLC across all three games is currently on sale here.
  • Mafia II DLC is currently on sale here.

Humble Bundle

Pay what you want for BioShock, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, and The Darkness II. Pay more than $8.22 to unlock BioShock 2, Mafia II, Spec Ops: The Line, and the X-COM Complete Pack. Pay $20 or more to also get XCOM: Enemy Unknown and BioShock Infinite. Select soundtracks are also included. Pay $1 or more to receive Steam keys.

Or pay what you want for Universe Sandbox, Cook Serve Delicious!, and Out of the Park Baseball 14. Pay $6 or more to also get Turbo Dismount and Tropico 4: Steam Special Edition. And pay $10 or more to also get Euro Truck Simulator 2. Select soundtracks are also included. Pay $1 or more to receive Steam keys.

Indie Royale

Pay $3.98 minimum for Rogue Shooter: The FPS Roguelike, Echo of the Wilds, Talisman Digital Edition, Terrorhedron, Swipecart, and ClusterPuck99. Pay at least $6.00 for a bonus soundtrack album. All of these games come with Steam keys, except Terrorhedron and ClusterPuck99.


As well as regular discounts, Steam has a couple of additional weekend deals.

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