Sniper Elite III DLC available now

You get to kill Hitler. Yes, again.


Earlier this month, 505 Games and Rebellion released Sniper Elite III, a highly effective action game where sniping is the name of the game, as you get to watch the skulls of German soldiers get ripped to shreds by bullets. We gave the game fair marks in our review, and now the fun continues, as the publisher has announced the release of new downloadable content for the game.

The Hunt the Grey Wolf pack dares to ask the question: did Hitler really die in Berlin? You'll be able to infiltrate a German stronghold, taking out enemies from a distance and getting your chance to take out the infamous leader. Yes, again. (You were able to before in Sniper Elite V2.) With seven different ways to kill him, there's plenty of replay value involved.

In addition, the Hunter Weapons Pack, Camouflage Weapons Pack and Allied Outfits Pack are also available, providing your lead character with new weaponry, including an SVT40 rifle, a Trenchgun shotgun and a high standard HDM silenced pistol, among others.

The packs are available for $2.99 each, and you can get the Hunt the Grey Wolf DLC for $7.99. Happy Hitler hunting!

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