'The Icon' Sting confirmed as WWE 2K15 pre-order bonus

The WCW superstar will get a huge focus in 2K Sports' new wrestling game.


"It's showtime, folks!" Sting, the iconic wrestler who spent many years taking on superstars in World Championship Wrestling, has been confirmed as an active wrestler in 2K Sports' forthcoming wrestle-thon WWE 2K15.

A teaser trailer for the game confirmed the wrestler's inclusion in the game, and, as a tie-in with pre-orders, players will be able to access two generations of Sting. While they weren’t revealed in the commercial, they're likely to be the "old-school" version with face paint (similar to the late superstar The Ultimate Warrior), and the "new" Crow-like version, where he has full white face paint and carries a baseball bat.

It's unconfirmed whether "The Icon" is only available via pre-order, but that was the case last year with Warrior and WWE 2K14, before he was eventually available for purchase in the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network, respectively. More details should be available in the weeks ahead.

WWE 2K15 will grapple its way to store shelves October 28th for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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