Smash Bros gets even more Fire Emblem characters

More fighters enter the arena!


Nintendo promised another Smash Bros character reveal this morning, and it overdelivered--all of them from the recent 3DS strategy RPG Fire Emblem Awakening. The character trailer showed off Lucina and "Robin." If that last one doesn't sound familiar, that's because it's the player character from Awakening. Just as in the game, you can pick your gender to play as Robin. 

Lucina appears to be a fairly standard sword-wielder, while Robin has a sword along with several magical tomes that he or she can only use a set number of times in a match. Fire Emblem's Chrom appeared too, seemingly as an assist trophy. Captain Falcon was also shown off in the trailer hinting at his inclusion--though given his appearance in all of the Smash Bros games so far, that's not much of a surprise.

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    July 14, 2014 7:08 AM

    Steve Watts posted a new article, Smash Bros gets even more Fire Emblem characters.

    More fighters enter the arena!

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      July 14, 2014 7:21 AM

      Nice. I hope we get another FE game on 3DS at some point. Awakening was great.

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      July 14, 2014 8:19 AM

      I'm OK with this

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      July 15, 2014 1:16 AM

      This wasn't unexpected, but I'm still glad they're doing it! Awakening was awesome, and its characters deserve to be challengers in a Smash Bros game.

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      July 16, 2014 9:39 PM

      I like this, but please Nintendo... CASTLEVANIA!!!!! I mean, they got fucking snake in the last Smash, I think Dracula and one of the Belmonts would make a logical inclusion.

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