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Skullgirls Encore coming to PS4 and Vita, new characters discussed

Skullgirls will make its way to PS4 and Vita, with Lab Zero debuting new characters at Evo.


The anime-riffic fighting game, Skullgirls Encore, will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita and will bring along with it some new characters. Developers Lab Zero Games and Autumn Games held a panel at this year's Evo Championship Series event and discussed the upcoming new versions of the game, while also revealing some additional plans for the future. Prior to the panel, Lab Zero had been passing out cards near their booth, noting that the game would make the formal jump to Sony's remaining platforms and introduce some new fighters, with the Egyptian warrior queen Eliza prominently mentioned.

Eliza was the first DLC character voted on by crowdsourcers during the game's initial Indiegogo campaign. Her specials are all Egyptian themed, including several that see her skeletal form emerge from her sarcophagus to perform a series of hits. This form is also used to perform the character's special, which launches the opponent into the air for a punishing combo. The character is currently awaiting a voice actress, since she will utilize more than one voice. Once her dialogue is recorded, Eliza should be good to go.

The next two characters on the docket are Beowulf and Robo-Fortune, with Lab Zero noting that animation on those characters will begin shortly after Evo. The former will utilize pro wrestling-themed moves, including literal Sweet Chin Music and chair smashes. The latter will be a robotic version of the existing Ms. Fortune, utilizing some of that character's move and adding in some of her own, like a robo-tail whip and bazooka cannon shots. In fact, the android can come apart and reassemble herself as part of her move set, even going so far as to self-destruct on top of opponents for massive damage. The developer did point out that these moves are currently in the concept stage and are subject to change before release.

The team also illustrated some bugs currently plaguing the game, including some pesky infinites, before stating that these issues would be fixed with the game's next patch. That patch will deployed soon. No release date has been given for Skullgirls Encore on PS4 or Vita, but those version are also expected to release soon.

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