Star Wars: The Old Republic video shows player housing on Tatooine

If city living isn't your thing, Star Wars: The Old Republic will also open player housing to the planet of Tatooine when the Galactic Strongholds expansion goes into Early Access on August 19.


Player housing is still coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic, albeit slightly later than anticipated. But maybe the energetic city life of Coruscant isn't so much your thing. For those people, BioWare is offering a more rural existence in the Skywalker home planet of Tatooine, as shown in the latest video for the Galactic Strongholds expansion.

As a reminder, those that subscribe to Star Wars: The Old Republic before July 15 will receive Early Access to the new content when it opens up on August 19 and also receive additional bonuses in the form of a Nar Shadaa Sky Palace Stronghold. The expansion page also issues a reminder that players with Preferred Status will get access to the new content on September 16, while it officially launches to the public on October 14.

To check out Tatooine, watch the video below.

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