Destiny special editions announced

Two special editions will have fans craving more Destiny this fall.


Grab your wallets, because things are about to get expensive for Activision's Destiny. The publisher has announced the details for the two forthcoming special editions for the game, a Limited Edition and a Ghost Edition, each with its own set of bonuses.

The Limited Edition, for $99.99, will come with a SteelBook case, a Guardian folio with an Arms & Armament Field Guide, postcards from the Golden Age, and an antique Star Chart. As digital extras, it will include a unique Ghost casing, exclusive player emblem, and ship variant. Plus you'll get the "Expansion Pass" with two extra chapters: The Dark Below and House of Wolves. If you choose to buy them separately, a pass will cost $34.99 and the two chapters will cost $19.99 apiece.

The Ghost Edition, which retails for $149.99, comes with all that and some more extras. A Ghost replica that features motion-activated lights and the voice of Peter Dinklage is the showpiece, along with a letter of introduction and Golden Age Relics, including a photo and sticker. Let's just hope that the Ghost replica says awesome stuff, like "That Wizard came from the moon!"

Those who pre-order the above packs will also gain access to a Destiny Expansion Pack, as well as the Collector's Edition Digital Content Pack. Also, Activision wanted to note that the PlayStation platforms will have exclusive content in these chapters, although it didn't elaborate what just yet. They will remain exclusive until fall 2015.

Destiny arrives on September 9th for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One.

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