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E3 MVPs: The games most likely to be seen at today's press conferences

We break down each of today's press conferences and predict which games are most likely to show up at each.


E3 is set to unofficially kick off in only a couple of hours, as Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony show off their best and brightest, along with third-party games that have received a little much-deserved extra attention. Here's where we expect games to show up today.

Microsoft (9:30 AM PT)

Microsoft always puts its money on strong western developers, and has had a close relationship with Activision for its Call of Duty franchise. As a result, we expect this year to be heavy with Advanced Warfare and lots of first-party appearances.

  • Sunset Overdrive

  • Fable Legends

  • Forza Horizon 2

  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Electronic Arts (12 PM PT)

Leaks spoiled some of the surprise for EA this year, since Battlefield Hardline was certainly meant to be a big debut. But the company still has some heavy hitters up its sleeve, and the return of Star Wars Battlefront could be a show-stopper in itself. Other than that, expect much more on Dragon Age, a more thorough look at EA's UFC, and the usual nod to annual sports games like FIFA and Madden.

  • Star Wars Battlefront

  • Battlefield Hardline

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition

  • The Sims 4

  • EA Sports UFC

  • Madden 15

  • FIFA 15

Ubisoft (3 PM PT)

Ubisoft's shows are more apt to house surprises than the others, but we already know about one sure thing. Assassin's Creed Unity will be shown, and that likely means Assassin's Creed "Comet" (the code-name given to the last-gen AC game this year) will show up as well. Far Cry 4 is likely to be one of their big items as well, and the publisher will probably make more of a show for The Crew.

  • Assassin's Creed Unity

  • Assassin's Creed Comet

  • Far Cry 4

  • The Crew

Sony (6 PM PT)

Sony has its own line-up to promote this year, including Project Morpheus and a likely appearance from Uncharted 4. But the company has historically enjoyed close relationships with the Arkham games and Activision's Destiny, so those are likely to make an appearance too. Meanwhile, Sony Online Entertainment may make an appearance to promote MMOs like H1Z1 and Planetside 2. Battlefield has also been Sony's answer to Microsoft's Call of Duty exclusivity, so while it may appear earlier, it's almost certain to come here as well.

  • Project Morpheus

  • Uncharted 4

  • Batman: Arkham Knight

  • Battlefield Hardline

  • Destiny

  • H1Z1

  • Planetside 2


Some games just can't be contained to one conference. Among the ones we think are most likely to appear make multiple appearances at today's events are some heavy-hitter franchises and promising debuts.

  • Evolve

  • Mortal Kombat X

  • Batman: Arkham Knight

  • Assassin's Creed Unity

  • Battlefield Hardline

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