Battlefield 4 trial on PlayStation Plus starting today

Want to try out Battlefield 4? EA will give PlayStation Plus subscribers the option starting today.


Since its release last year, Battlefield 4 has been tallying up hundreds of thousands of online players, through both its single player campaign and entertaining (albeit buggy) online multiplayer. However, there are still a few of you out there who haven't had a chance to experience the game yet on PlayStation 3, and that's something EA hopes to fix with the launch of a new trial this week.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, this trial will give players access to the full Battlefield 4 "base game" for 20 hours. Once completed--or time runs out--players will need to purchase the full game in order to continue. Players interested in the trial can head to the PlayStation Store once the update goes live this afternoon, and grab it from the Battlefield page.

Granted, some of you may be busy with a little something called Watch Dogs today, but if you have some time after that, "free" war is hard to turn down.

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