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Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough Guide Part 6 - From the London Nautica to the Giant Robot

It's man vs machine, as Blazkowicz has to combat killer Nazi robots. Make your way through London Nautica and find out where to find a gun big enough to defeat the giant robot is in part 6 of our Wolfenstein: The New Order guide.

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It's man vs machine, as Blazkowicz has to combat killer Nazi robots. Make your way through London Nautica and find out where to find a gun big enough to defeat the giant robot is in part 6 of our Wolfenstein: The New Order guide. Quickly go left, crouch, and crawl under the debris. You'll catch the attention of a killer robot, so back out and go left again toward a different path. Sprint and slide to get past more rubble, then use the Laser Cutter to get past the chain link fence. The robot will be coming for you, so take a step back as debris collapses onto it. Then go right, squeezing past a car, toward another path. Follow it until you can jump up onto a vehicle and drop down on the other side. That's when the robot will come chasing after you again, but it'll end up attacking the car you were just on. Run toward the path that's blocked by debris, then slide underneath as the metal monster finally gets crushed. There's only one path, but move carefully until Signal Detected pops up on screen. This Commander sits alone before you, just a little off to the left. Sneak up and stab him. As you progress, an enemy will appear and spot you. Quickly run at him and use your knife to silence him before he has a chance to shoot. Keep on going, and don't forget to grab up the loot. Another robot will attack, so sprint towards its right to bypass it and escape up the broken concrete.

Find cover in the reception area, but make your way to the back room. Plenty of goodies are stored there. This area is full of enemies that love tossing grenades. Thin their ranks out from behind the desk using the knife as best you can.


When facing the reception desk, turn around and you'll find a control panel. Use Hotwire to access a health upgrade and some ammo. As you leave the reception desk, you'll find another killer robot guarding a door on your left side. Stay out of its sight for now and head up to the top level. Work your way around, eliminate any enemies you come across, and pick up all the gear you can. Now start throwing grenades at the robot and don't hold back. After you've run out, sneak past the robot toward an area just left of the door it's guarding. There you'll find a Marksman Rifle, which goes with the ammo you got from the Hotwired case. This should be enough firepower to finish off the robot. Pull the lever on the left of the door and enter the moon dome. Nazis will start shooting at you the moment you step through, so forget stealth and get blasting. Don't stop shooting until every bad guy is dead, and make your way up to the top of the dome.


A ton of ammo, health, and armor will be dropped amid the carnage. Pick up as much as you can as you push forward. You'll find a control room at the top of the dome. Enter it and pull the lever that's on the left side. Then leave and start looking for the exit one level below. To reach it, climb onto a nearby beam, make your way over, then drop down onto a balcony next the door. Now you're on a narrow catwalk. Enemies will appear, but they shouldn't be much of a challenge. You can either run straight through and waste them with the Automatic Shotgun, or you can use the alcoves on the left side for cover to gradually pick them off. As you approach the end of the catwalk, look to your left for a hatch, then use the Laser Cutter to break the chain. Go inside the elevator shaft, jump over to the next elevator car, then start climbing the cable. Be mindful of the drones and enemies that will appear. Fill them up with bullets and keep climbing until you reach a platform. Go around, open the hatch, then crawl through to the top of the elevator.


Don't stand on the elevator itself. Shooting the brakes causes the box to fall away, and you with it. Look for a counterweight with an imprint of two feet on it and stand on that instead. Stand on the counterweight and blast away the four brakes on each corner of the elevator. This causes the elevator car to fall away and take a few Nazis with it. Keep moving until you reach a laboratory.

Grab up everything you can, and remember to recharge the Laser Cutter. Then climb up a ladder to another catwalk. Use the Laser Cutter on the chains holding the device in the tank. Next, get back down and press the button by the glass. Make sure you're not standing in front of the laser when it fires. Now go inside the tank and get yourself a shiny new Laserkraftwerk.


The Laserkraftwerk has two modes: shooting and cutting. You switch between them using the same method as changing firing modes on other weapons. Set the weapon to cutting mode and carve through the wall on the opposite side of the tank. Then go through and climb up the ladder. Keep moving until you reach another elevator. Shoot out its brakes to clear a path, then move along the side. Use the Laserkraftwerk to create an opening. Go through it and climb up the ladder. Now you should be inside the hanger. Two Commanders are in the area, and they're really hard to kill stealthily. You'll need to make your way across a wide open space without being spotted. First, drop down, crouch, and move toward your right to silently take out a guard patrolling the area. Then go into the nearby room and grab up everything you can. Leave the room and go toward the floor level, sneaking under the helicopter. Go up the stairs and take out the guard. Then jump into the turret that faces the main part of the floor.


Be mindful of the two giant robots wandering around as you're sneaking around, and try not to let them spot you. Once in the turret, swing it right and wipe out the Commander. Then turn the guns to face the incoming robot, then use them the other robot further back. Stealth time is long over. It's time to unload onto everything that moves until the hanger is cleared. Ditch the turret and move from platform to platform, killing anything that's in your path. You'll know the hanger has been cleared out once another giant robot kicks in the door.


There's a second side room, not too far from the first one when you first entered the hanger. In it, you'll find a Full Automatic upgrade for the Laserkraftwerk. Although you can use the turrets inside the helicopters to wear down the robot, the Laserkraftwerk is your primary weapon. Stay under the helicopter platforms and fire on the robot's legs. If you run out of power, the hanger's center console can recharge your gun. Once you've destroyed the goliath, go straight through the opening it emerged from and go up the ladder to the control room. Once inside, loot the place, then press the button the dashboard. Go back downstairs, get Caroline, and bring her to the last helicopter as Fergus talks. Congratulations! You've completed this mission!

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