Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough Guide Part 2 - Shotguns and nurses

Our Wolfenstein: The New Order guide continues as B.J. shoots his way through a legion of guards.

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After a lengthy cutscene, you’re armed with a Handgun 1960 and stuck with two Commanders. Though you could use stealth to take them out all sneaky-like, it’s much easier to shoot your way out. The Commanders aren’t insurmountable threats, and this approach shortens the level considerably. Once you’ve mopped them up, grab a double-barreled shotgun from the nurse as you go down the stairs. Shotguns are incredibly powerful in Wolfenstein, so it’s a perfect fit for close-quarters like the ones in this chapter.

At the bottom of the stairs, use your newfound shotgun to turn the guards to pulp. There’s some loot down here too, so grab it before you head into the office. There, you’ll have to press a button to open the exit doorway, which will cause a flood of guards. Dispatch them and head outside to find the nurse, Anya Oliwa. More guards will attack, so take care of them while defending Anya. After they’re finished, you’ll be greeted with a large armored vehicle flanked by a couple of attack drones. They’re not too tough, so just take them down one by one and pick Anya up to finish the chapter.
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