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Skylanders: Trap Team fan-named character vote begins

The finalists have been chosen for the fan-named character in Skylanders: Trap Team, and you can now vote for the winner.


Before Skylanders: Trap Team was even formally announced, we knew that another one was coming this year that would feature a fan-named character. The finalists have now been chosen, so you can vote for one of three creatures to appear in the next iteration of Activision's toy-game hybrid.

Kids were encouraged to come up with the names and backstories, though the entries were limited to 18 and older for legal purposes. Your choices from the official site are:

  • High Five - High Five is the fifth son of the Royal High Flying Dragonflies. He can fly higher and faster than any other dragonfly and is famous for his great speed.

  • Bat Spin - Bat Spin is a witch from the underworld. One day, trolls came to the underworld so Bat Spin had to save the underworld's people and she did. Afterwards, Eon asked her to join the Skylanders.

  • Flip Wreck - Flip Wreck is half dolphin and half ship wreck.

As previously reported, anyone aged 13 or over can participate in the voting process. The winning entry will get a $100,000 scholarship, while the other two finalists will receive a Skylanders prize package with an estimated value of $1,000. In other words, the winner gets eventual, responsible schooling while the losers get loads of free toys.

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