SingStar warbling its way to PlayStation 4 with smartphone app

Sony's SingStar is coming to PlayStation 4, with a new method that circumvents the need for plastic peripherals.

Remember those fun karaoke parties you had where your one friend tried his or her mightiest to sing Tom Jones, only to sound more like Tom Waits? Well, good news, Sony is bringing you and your friends the opportunity to do it all over again with a new SingStar game for PlayStation 4. The series, which has sold a whopping 26 million copies thus far (that's a lot of bad singers), has been confirmed for Sony's latest console, with a game that's going to launch later this year. In addition, you won't need to pay heavy cash for an additional microphone, as the game will be fully compatible with your smartphone devices, utilizing a free app that can be downloaded and synched with the console. No more plastic instruments cluttering your closet. The app will also work with previous PS3 editions of SingStar, although Sony didn't confirm which specific games it would work with just yet. SingStar for the PS4 will also include a social angle, where you can share your best singing bits with others via Facebook or Twitter, straight from the game. So if you ever wanted to stun the world with your rendition of "Call Me Maybe," here's your chance.

Now you can show the world just how good--or bad--you sing

Songs will once again be downloadable from the SingStore, including a variety of classics and new songs alike. As expected, more songs will be added regularly to expand the SingStar selection. More details will surface at E3, where you may be subjected to Shacknews staff attempting to sing. You poor souls.
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