The Art of the Game documentary follows aspiring video game creators, premieres today

2K Games has announced a feature length documentary following a group of students trying to break into the games industry. It will premiere later today on Twitch, and also be available later through the Xbox app and on YouTube.


2K Games has announced a feature-length documentary following a group of Academy of Art University students as they try to break into the games industry. The feature is titled The Art of the Game, and will be available widely starting Monday, May 12. But, if you'd rather see it early, you have a few options.

First, it will premiere on Machinima's Twitch channel today at 1 PM and 6 PM PT. Throughout the weekend, you'll be able to catch it on the Machinima app on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. After those two events are through, it will simply be available on YouTube.

2K marketing VP Matt Gorman said the project grew out of the partnership with Academy of Art last year, when the San Francisco school had its students produce Borderlands shorts. The film was directed by Matthew Davis Walker of Story Developing, the company that produced 2013 Sundance selection Muscle Shoals.

“The financial success of interactive entertainment in recent years has propelled the medium past film in the eyes of Wall Street, yet too often games are still treated as time-wasting toys,” said Walker, in the announcement.. “People overlook that games have tremendous impact on how we learn, communicate ideas, and convey empathy, and they do it in ways we’ve previously never imagined possible.”

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