Guerilla Games Adds Tweaks, Map To Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall has undergone some new tweaks, and will also receive a new map.


If you're a fan of Guerrilla Games' latest chapter in the Killzone franchise, Shadow Fall, get ready for a few changes to the formula.

The developer recently posted an article on the Killzone blog that runs down a few of the changes that will come to the Warzone system, along with confirmation of a new multiplayer map.

Based upon player feedback, game mode rotation and Warzone menu will undergo several tweaks. This includes changing out of maps based on fan requests, although old favorites will still return on occasion. Additionally, the player count is being reduced to 24 for performance purposes.

Multiplayer menu UI and weapons will also be tweaked, particularly the VC30 Sickle, which now has an increased pellet spread. The StA101 Kameraad is getting a 45 percent reduction in hip fire spread.

Finally, and probably most importantly, a new multiplayer map is on the way. Details are scarce about it thus far, but the developers indicate that it'll be on the same level as other layouts in the game.

The tweaks have taken effect now. The developer hasn't confirmed when the new map will release, but it shouldn't be too far off.

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