Landmark competition opens to feature user-created content in-game

EverQuest Next's Landmark creation tool has kicked off a competition to create buildings that will be used in the final game. You can earn an item for your trouble, along with the knowledge that your actual creation will be featured in the final game.


Landmark, the user-creation suite behind EverQuest Next, has opened up a competition to create--well, landmarks. The "Landmarks of Landmark" competition will pit creators against each other to make actual buildings that will eventually be used in EverQuest Next.

You can make the theme of your creation anything you want, according to the post announcing the contest. They just need to be placeable on flat ground, and include a slight base layer in case it's ultimately placed on a slope. You can submit up to three entries, and submissions are due this Wednesday. The team will add amenities to the winning entries, and creators will earn themselves a code for a Lunar Anklet. You can check out the full rules here.

SOE released a short video praising the user creations so far to kick off the competition, and it really just gushes about how great we all are.

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