Traditional JRPG End of Serenity coming to PSP & Vita this summer

Traditional Japanese RPG End of Serenity is coming to PSP via PSN this summer, following the surprise success of Mystic Chronicles.


PSP will be getting a new RPG this summer, Natsume has announced. Yes, you read correctly: PSP. Titled End of Serenity, it follows up on the surprising success of Mystic Chronicles. It will be released digitally on PlayStation Network, which means Vita owners can download it as well.

The story revolves around "Atomigems," relics that people use for everything from family heirlooms to ritual worship. An underground gang called the Underworld has been pilfering Atomigems left and right, leading the heroes to think something deeper is involved. It boasts 120 unique skills and beast summons

"Mystic Chronicles ended up being a surprise fan favorite in 2013, and we're happy to bring players a game that will have a similar appeal to our North American audience," said Natsume CEO Hiro Maekawa, in the announcement. "Inspired by the look and feel of old school, 16-bit RPGs, we feel our fans will really connect to the game's look, feel and story."

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