How Fortnite's pieces fit together

Epic Games has detailed how the Home Base, Fort, and mission structure will work together in Fortnite.


Epic's Fortnite finally got unveiled earlier this month, but exactly how all of its disparate parts connect still wasn't quite clear. Between the home base, combat areas, and your own personal palace, how does it all fit together?

The answer is that it doesn't, at least not in a traditionally open world way. Game Informer reports that Fortnite doesn't take place in a giant open world. Instead, it has a Town Map hex that acts as the mission hub. From there, you can explore relatively smaller maps with themes like grassland, suburban, and industrial areas. You'll search these areas for materials appropriate for the area, and you can take those materials back to your Home Base to build. Once you progress far enough, you'll unlock the final goal tile on the hex-based map and proceed to the mission that finishes the campaign.

That Home Base isn't an explorable 3D space, however. Constructing buildings there provides buffs for teammates, but for the classic Minecraft-like building, you have your own isolated Fort. This is where you use the building tools to create a permanent structure of your own, and Epic plans on incorporating your base into other multiplayer modes.

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