Peggle 2 adds 'Windy the Fairy' DLC

Peggle 2 has gotten its first bit of DLC today, a downloadable Peggle Master with her own power, stages, and trials.


Peggle 2 is getting its first piece of downloadable content today, a new Peggle Master with her own power, stages, trials, and costumes. Windy the fairy is available for $1.99, and her presence unlocks the long-dormant "Store" button that's been sitting idle on the title screen.

Windy's "Fairy Flock" power turns random blue pegs into high-scoring purple ones, letting you boost your points and earn free balls. Like all the Masters, her set of stages comes with ten levels and ten trials.

Today's update also includes Colorblind Mode in the options menu. That should make it a bit easier to tell your pegs apart if you're colorblind, which is pretty important for a game that's all about hitting the correct, randomly-selected colored pegs. It joins the Duel Mode as PopCap's reaction to the two most oft-requested fan features.

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