Sony Pictures registers BioShock movie domains

Sony Pictures has registered three domain names for BioShock movies, which could be a sign of gears moving or could simply be Sony holding onto some for safe-keeping.


Word of a BioShock movie adaptation is starting to bubble up yet again. This time, the impetus is from Sony Pictures, which has registered three new domains related to the adaptation. This appears to be an effort to lock down the names, though, so once again we may not see anything come of it.

Kotaku reports that Sony Pictures now holds the rights to,, and

Last year, we heard that Ken Levine personally killed the project to avoid compromising too much on it. More recently, we've heard reports that BioShock Infinite actress Courtnee Draper has been campaigning to play Elizabeth in a big-screen adaptation. The Gore Verbinski adaptation was always talked about as a take on the original BioShock games in Rapture, but one could potentially be set in Columbia instead. Or, more likely, Sony is holding onto domains for safe-keeping and we're no closer to seeing a "would you kindly" grace the silver screen.

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