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Disney Infinity's lightsaber just requires a little work (and $500)

A video detailing how to get the lightsaber Easter egg in Disney Infinity estimates the cost at around $500.


With an impending Disney Infinity crossover announcement, it seems like a good time to take a look back at a small Star Wars Easter egg that appeared in the last game. By collecting each and every one of the 29 characters, you could swing around one of the most iconic sci-fi weapons in pop culture, the lightsaber.

A video (via Polygon) walks us through the process. You would need all 29 characters, and each of them need to be raised to level 1 to appear as statues in the main hub. Once that happens a lightsaber appears in the center of the hub, and can be used from then on. The price tag on such an endeavor? The video's maker, Stephen Alva Wood, estimates that it takes about $500 to get all the characters. But hey, lightsaber!

A recent report stated that the next Disney Infinity will capitalize on recent Disney acquisitions, namely Star Wars and Marvel comics. Disney Interactive more-or-less confirmed Marvel characters with its teaser-trailer for a so-called "2.0 Edition," but we're not sure yet if Star Wars will be included as well. Disney and Marvel are hosting an event on April 30 where we'll learn more.

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