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Big Band marches onto Skullgirls Encore on Tuesday

The humongous hulk of harmony, Big Band, will bring a male presence to Skullgirls Encore for the first time this Tuesday when arrives in a free update on PS3 and PC.


Skullgirls Encore has welcomed in all sorts of female combatants since its 2012 debut, but Lab Zero's fighting game is about to receive its first male combatant. And he can probably make his own theme music! The musical monstrosity known as Big Band will make his debut on Tuesday on PS3 and PC, free for a limited time.

Big Band is one of Skullgirls Encore's largest characters, taking up a sizable portion of the screen. Not only does he hit incredibly hard, but he's the only character in the game that can parry incoming attacks. The harmonious hulk uses a number of musical-themed maneuvers, most of which are powered up with his 'Bagpipe Blues' move. Though Big Band is primarily being touted for a PS3 update, the officiall Skullgirls Twitter account has previously stated that he would also arrive on PC on the same day as any console debut.

Big Band was originally conceived a stretch goal for Skullgirls' Indiegogo campaign, with donors shattering the target $375,000 fundraising goal. Three more characters are set to be added later, including the Egyptian seductress Eliza. PlayStation.Blog offers some details on her, noting that Eliza will use her blood control powers for a variety of Egyptian-themed attacks.

There's still another character that's waiting in the wings to join the PS3 version of Skullgirls Encore: the devious doppleganger Fukua, who was originally pitched as an April Fools gag. Fukua will come to PS3 soon in a free update.

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