Infamous: Second Son update to add photo mode

The update coming to Infamous: Second Son tomorrow will add one more feature not previously announced, a photo mode.


The next update to Infamous: Second Son will let you cap the frame rate and set the time of day, as promised. But the update, which has been announced as coming tomorrow, is packing one more unexpected feature: a photo tool.

With the new photo mode detailed on the PlayStation Blog, you can click L3 to pause the game in photo mode, which will open up a suite of tools to take a pretty screenshot. The blog notes this will only be available during game times that you have control of the camera during open gameplay. The game has received plenty praise for its looks (read our own review for why), and paired with the ability to set time-of-day this should show that off nicely. The video tutorial (below) shows off the feature.

A few other small and formerly unannounced tweaks are coming as well. It will be getting some localization changes and fixes for rare crashes, and choosing expert difficulty in the menu will let you know immediately if you qualify for the "Unstoppable" trophy. Finally, if your controller runs out of battery power, the game will automatically pause.

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