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World of Tanks 1.1 updates adds tank crews to Xbox 360

World of Tanks on Xbox 360 has deployed its 1.1 update, which includes a new map, new tanks, and a new Crew system.


The Xbox 360 edition of World of Tanks has received its first content update. In addition to tossing in a new map and some new tanks, the 1.1 update adds in the game's Crew system to help make running the mechanical behemoths a little bit easier.

The Crew feature allows players to recruit crew members to manage new tanks. Crew members must be assigned various skills and perks, which can be suited to the user's play style and also improve the overall effectiveness of the tank. Any XP earned prior to 1.1 will be taken into account and allocated to any new crew members. For more information on this new feature, you can watch the video below.

The 1.1 update also adds the new Himmelsdorf map. Players can either engage in the open courtyard area or attempt to take the high ground by capturing the eastern hill. The newest tanks to take the battlefield include the Cromwell (tier VI), Comet (tier VII), Centurion I (tier VIII), Centurion 7/1 (tier IX), and FV4202 (tier X).

The full update notes can be found here.

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