Last Life a sci-fi noir on Mars, and Double Fine's second publishing deal

Double Fine has revealed its second publishing arrangement, with an indie developer making a sci-fi noir adventure game. The publisher has helped launch its Kickstarter.


Double Fine has revealed the second game to get a shot in the arm from its new indie publishing program, Last Life. The first salvo of the publisher's assistance is coming in helping to launch a crowd-funding effort, which is already well on its way to completion.

The Kickstarter project page (via Joystiq) describes Last Life as an episodic sci-fi noir game. It follows Jack Parker, a private investigator who was killed, but 3D-printed back to life. He has four hours to solve his own murder--and if that wasn't enough of a twist on the old noir tropes, it also takes place on Mars.

It's seeking $75,000, and as of the time of writing, it's already well past the halfway point at more than $41,000. That goal will only help them produce the first of three episodes.

Double Fine recently stepped into the publishing arena, but noted at the time that its requirements wouldn't be so stringent as to require certain terms. This game appears to be simply taking Double Fine's helpful Kickstarter push, though the page also notes that the indie developer will look to them for "wisdom, support, and guidance."

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