Final Fantasy 14 expansion to let players fly

The first expansion for Final Fantasy 14 will let players fly, and explore the story of a millennia-old conflict, according to the producer and lead scenario writer.


The first expansion for Final Fantasy 14 will let players fly. The heads of the team recently shared a few more details about the expansion in a Q&A, and among them was confirmation of the new navigation option.

"I spoke a bit before about the expansion, and I said we were deciding on whether we should swim or fly," producer Naoki Yoshida said in a lengthy video (via Siliconera). "Well, we decided to go with flying so players can expect to look to the skies in the coming expansion."

In terms of story, scenario writer Kazutoyo Maehiro said that "one of the themes revolves around a great conflict that spans across millennia."

Yoshida also responded to requests for a development roadmap, saying it might compromise their flexibility. “We’ve made adjustments to our roadmap, so releasing it would constrain us from adapting as we go along," he said. "Rather than a definitive roadmap, we would like to provide an update list similar to the one used during 1.0, which would show the status of updates, and are planning to do so after the PlayStation 4 version has launched. With this method, we plan to update the list around the time each Letter from the Producer is released, and I think this will make it easier to get a sense for how various updates are progressing.”

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