Dragon Age: Inquisition may include Kinect voice commands

Dragon Age: Inquisition will probably use Kinect voice commands on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, according to creative director Mike Laidlaw.


The Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of Dragon Age: Inquisition will likely have voice commands akin to Mass Effect 3. That would mean issuing commands to your crew on-the-fly, which may signal some fast-paced action in the fantasy epic.

"We're expecting that Xbox 360 and Xbox One editions will ship with a Kinect-enabled voice command feature, just like Mass Effect 3 did," creative director Mike Laidlaw told OXM.

Producer Cameron Lee added that the Xbox versions may use SmartGlass functionality. "It needs to make sense, of course," he said. "But we want Inquisition to be an experience you can take with you everywhere - to work, the commute home, the living room, bed."

BioWare has taken a patient approach to this third Dragon Age game, giving it a long development cycle and testing the waters for wild ideas like multiplayer. If it's still considering whether or not to include elements like Kinect and SmartGlass, it would seem those elements are getting the same careful approach as the rest of the game.

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