Peach Pink 2DS hits GameStop on April 11

GameStop will begin offering a Peach Pink 2DS on April 11, which will include a free Disney Magical World carrying case.


Nintendo hasn't been shy about selling 3DS XL variants over the past couple of months. But Nintendo hasn't given that same kind of love to the 2DS, aside from a recent Pokemon bundle. Gamestop is looking to highlight Nintendo's 2D handheld by offering an exclusive 'Peach Pink' 2DS on April 11.

The Peach Pink 2DS (which describes the color and has nothing to do with the princess of the same name) will feature a pink outer shell and pink stylus. It'll also come with a free Disney Magical World carrying case. The game is also scheduled to release on April 11.

Pre-orders for the Peach Pink 2DS are up now on GameStop's website.

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