Super Smash Bros on 3DS' outlines can be turned off

Super Smash Bros. on 3DS will feature a noticeably different art style than its console brethren, but if black outlines are a bit too much, it appears you'll be able to turn them off.

The upcoming 3DS incarnation of Super Smash Bros. features a distinctively different look than its console counterpart. Some might have noticed its more stylized art direction, utilizing black outlines for each character. If that look is too distracting, however, it appears that players will be able to set shut the outlines off, to give the game a more traditional look. Masahiro Sakurai jumped on Miiverse to show off a pair of 3DS Smash Bros screenshots, displaying characters with and without their outlines. Sakurai adds that enabling the black outlines will slightly affect how the characters come across in 3D. You can find the screenshots, both with and without outlines, below.

How will you play Super Smash Bros. on 3DS?

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