Pig Eat Ball preview: a multiplayer game with massage chairs

Pig Eat Ball is a simple four-player party game with a pretty big twist: it uses massage chairs.

Pig Eat Ball is a simple four-player party game with a pretty big twist: it uses massage chairs. It's easy to jump into Pig Eat Ball, thanks to its simplicity. At first, the goal of the game is to eat 30 balls on a court. However, as players get more balls, they increase in size, making it slightly easier for rival players to tag them and catch up. Moreover, getting tagged will make players' chairs rumble. The reason that "tagging" players is so important is because this frees up additional balls to eat up on the playfield. Think of it like Pac-Man getting shaken up if he gets tagged by the ghosts, and having to re-gather the dots as a result. This gives players a fighting chance to come back and try to eat more balls and increase in size. As far as the strength of the rumble, it's really just a tingle at best, as Mommy's Best Games developer Nathan Fouts didn't really feel like electrocuting someone. Still, it adds a humorous, peculiar feeling on the derriere when someone gets tagged. Sadly, the "butt rumble" feature may not make it into the final version, since it would require a player to purchase a massage chair and rewire it to their own end to feel the rumble. Regardless, feeling it through their controller may be the next best thing- certainly beating nothing at all.

Think Hungry Hungry Hippos, but without the marbles

After the round is over, a new contest begins with slightly different rules. These include collecting stars that are scattered across a stage, with characters once again growing in size depending how many they eat. Other variations can be introduced by the player as well- and built to their own standards, as the game will come with a level editor upon its release. The game isn't just limited by single player content either. Pig Eat Ball also comes with single player challenges, such as getting through obstacle-laden stages and outrunning a giant buzzsaw at top speed. However, the multiplayer is the real focus, as it represents the kind of "local party game" vibe that few games are missing these days. Even though our time with the game was all-too-brief, Pig Eat Ball has a lot going for it, between a solid single-player set-up and enjoyable multiplayer. It's just a shame that Mommy's Best Games can't bring those "butt rumble" effects along for the ride. Hmmm, maybe if players wanted to sit on their controllers...
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