Flappy Bird creator plans on releasing new game, Checkonaut, this month

The creator of Flappy Bird is working on three new games.


Dong Nguyen isn't a household name. But his game, Flappy Bird, is. When Nguyen pulled the game for ruining his "simple life," hundreds of clones immediately flooded app stores, as developers attempted to take advantage of the bird-shaped hole in people's hearts.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Nguyen says that he felt guilty for creating a game that was causing children to do poorly at school--something he could relate to because of his own obsession with Counter-Strike.

Nguyen admits that he'll never be able to go back to his life, but says he's "good now," and has already started working on multiple games. He's quit his job, and he's now thinking of spending some of the money he's earned off Flappy Bird, including buying a Mini Cooper and an apartment. Some of the games he's working on now include Kitty Jetpack, an "action chess game" called Checkonaut, and an untitled cowboy-themed shooter. Checkonaut will be out as early as this month.

But what about Flappy Bird? Nguyen says he may consider re-releasing the game, but it'll be updated with a warning: "Please take a break."

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